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A Look Back at 2016 & What’s To Come for 2017

You’ve probably noticed that this blog hasn’t been very active this year. In fact, I’ve only published a single post in 2016 (prior to this). Despite not traveling much this year, there has been a lot going on in my life and I’m excited to share some of the highlights with you. P.S. I still have lots of photos and stories from my 3-month Asia trip last year to share!

A look back at 2016

I turned 30 years old!
A couple of days before my 30th birthday back in May, I wrote a new post titled 30 Lessons Learned in 30 Years. It’s been one of the most popular posts on my site, so go check it out for some of my 30-year-old wisdom.

I haven’t been traveling much this year
In fact, I think I’ve only been on 1 roundtrip flight this year and that was for my cousin’s wedding in September. It has been nice to chill out a bit after traveling non-stop for 3 months at the end of last year, but…

I started a new company!
As you may have noticed under my ‘Work With Me’ tab, it links over to a site called Analytified. What started off as a made-up company during SXSW in March to get into cool parties (that’s a whole other story) has since become a legitimate consulting company. I’m helping new and growing startups develop business plans and financials to build sustainable and profitable businesses, as well as developing some training programs, the first of which is Excel Ninjas. I’ve also been to more networking events, pitch competitions, and startup demo days than I can count. With all of these events all the time (usually 2-3 events on my calendar every night), I haven’t had much time for travel.

The Travel Massive Austin chapter has been more active this year
Unlike previous years where our chapter events were sporadic, in 2016 I’ve been holding monthly happy hours, sometimes with speakers. If you’re in the Austin area and work in the travel industry in some capacity, I’d love if you stopped by. Check out our Facebook group or when we were featured on the Travel Massive blog last month.


What’s to come in 2017

I’m rebranding this blog!
Probably the biggest change will be that I’m rebranding this blog. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and I’m finally going to get on with it. I started Nick’s Travel Bug back in 2009 when I was on my post-college Euro-trip and it has been a journal of all of my travels since then, along with occasional tips on how you can save money traveling and other random things. Travel hasn’t been my sole focus recently like it was in the past. Going forward I want to provide insights on life hacking, productivity, business, travel, and anything else that I’m interested in. It’s taken me so long to do this because every time I go to do it I get a bit nostalgic about the last 8 years of my life running this blog, but I think this is the right move for me now going into 2017.

It’s a long process to change everything over, though. I’ve already switched all of my social media handles, but don’t worry. If you were following me before you still are. If you weren’t, here are links to my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. I’m @MrNickHuggins on Snapchat as well, although I’m still not a big fan of the platform. That was the easy part. Changing the blog over is a lot more work. Along with a brand new design, I’m going through and cleaning up some of the old content before I move everything over, but eventually, everything will redirect to the new domain.

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Hopefully more travel in 2017
As much as it’s been nice to chill out on travel and feel a bit ‘settled’ in Austin this year, I’m also getting antsy to go places. While I’ll still be completely focused on consulting and training, I do have some conferences I want to attend and a few fun trips in mind. Also, it’s been a while since I went diving, so I’m eager to get back in the water next year. Probable trips include Thailand/Vietnam/Hong Kong, Colombia, Las Vegas, Portland for WDS, and a couple trips to Michigan to see my family and friends up there.

Focus on Mental Health & Simplification

This is a big one for me in the coming year. I haven’t been good at finding time to relax much this year, so I’ve been strategizing ways to do this other than going and hanging out with friends. Here are some of the things I’ve come up with so far:

  • Getting back into the habit of going to the gym regularly
  • Reading 2 books per month – I spend a lot of time reading articles online that would be better spent reading books where I would actually learn something.
  • Writing more – I love blogging and I’ve fallen out of the habit for the most part in 2016, but I’m excited to get back at it.
  • Spending more quality time with family and friends
  • Spending more time outdoors (swimming, hiking, tennis, etc.)
  • Outsourcing things that take up significant time and don’t add much value
  • Getting a car or scooter – I got rid of my car early this year as I thought it would be easy to rely on Uber/Lyft and public transportation to get around town. However, shortly after that, Uber & Lyft left Austin and we’re left with a handful of ride-sharing alternatives that are a lot more expensive and a lot less efficient. I’ve realized that having a car just makes things more convenient. I can hop in and go somewhere whenever I want, not having to worry about the public transportation schedule or how much a ride is going to cost.

I’ve also been tossing around the idea of starting a podcast, so TBD on that.

So that’s an update on what’s been going on and some things I’m planning for next year. How about you? What are some of your goals and challenges for 2017?

Nick Huggins
written by: Nick Huggins
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  • I’ve drifted away from writing on my blog too, and am going to commit to publishing 2-4 stories per month in 2016. I’ve got a huge back log, like 4 years worth of travel I haven’t written about. Pretty crazy, but I want to get caught up this year.

  • Dave, thanks for your support of Travel Massive and I hope to catch you at SXSW this year! We’re going to be presenting our community platform with MappyHour.org (one of our sister communities). All the best for 2017! – Ian

  • Nick, thanks for your support of Travel Massive and I hope to catch you at SXSW this year! We’re going to be presenting our community platform with MappyHour.org (one of our sister communities). All the best for 2017! – Ian

  • Looking forward to the upcoming posts. 2016 was my off-year too, it seems. 🙂 Didn’t write as much as I thought I would, even though travel didn’t take a backseat in my life.

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