Little Jamaica in Toronto

Little Jamaica Toronto

The Little Jamaica neighborhood of Toronto is an interesting place. Although the city has many cultural neighborhoods, this has a different vibe than the others I’ve visited.

Little Jamaica

The first thing you’ll notice is that while walking down the street, there are a ton of little shops. Just about everything is made from hemp and eco-friendly, from purses and belts to clothes and backpacks to whatever else you could possibly want from hemp.

Wild Hemp in Little Jamaica

Next, you’ll notice all the “modern” artwork on the street. For example, this nicely painted car turned into a forest.

Car Forest

Car Forest Little Jamaica

And one more, just for kicks. This one of the recently opened Electric Theatre, with the big blue eyes of an extra terrestrial staring down on you as you wander by.

Electric Theatre Little Jamaica

It’s quite an interesting neighborhood and worth checking out next time you find yourself in Toronto.

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