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Hi, my name is Nick. I didn’t go on my first overseas trip until I was 22, when I studied abroad in Spain for a summer in college. I got bit by the travel bug and from then on I was hooked! I spent almost half a year backpacking through Europe after college (GO BLUE!) and still hop on a plane as often as I possibly can. I like to say that I live vicariously through myself!

My goal is to encourage people to travel often, create adventures, and live vicariously through themselves. There’s so much to experience beyond our borders and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people consider international travel a luxury. I’m pretty spontaneous when I travel, but I also stick to a pretty tight budget along the way. A lot of times my plane ticket to a destination costs more than I actually spend when I arrive. My thinking is that the less I spend on each trip, the more trips I can afford to take! Some people value fancy cars and nice houses. I value running out of room in my passport! It just depends what your priorities are.

It’s so interesting to see how other cultures are similar, but at the same time, so completely different than anything you’ve ever experienced before. From hang gliding in Switzerland to pub crawls in Paris to having a monkey on my shoulder in Costa Rica, the adventures are endless! I think the best part, aside from all the amazing sites and adventures, is all of the friends I’ve made from every corner of the globe.

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