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Mangrove Boat Tour in Manuel Antonio

While in Manuel Antonio, one of the things to do is to take a mangrove boat tour through the forests. We found out about this from our hostel, as the owner was one of the tour guides. He didn’t give us the tour the day we did it, but he did shuttle my Norwegian friends and I to and from the boat launch.

Mangrove Boat Tour, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Mangrove Boat Tour, Manuel Antonio, Costa RicaThe Mangroves are pretty cool to see. There are lots of  interconnected trees and lots of wildlife along the way.

Mangrove Boat Tour, Manuel Antonio, Costa RicaMangrove Boat Tour, Manuel Antonio, Costa RicaProbably the best part of the mangrove boat tour was when the boat pulled up along the shore, our guide handed us each a banana, and he made a few weird noises. All of a sudden, about 15 white-face monkeys ran for our boat. It’s crazy how fast these little guys are swinging through the trees, even swinging by their tails sometimes. The monkeys were very friendly are weren’t freaked out at all by humans. They came right on our boat and crawled all over us, really just to get the bananas we had in our hands.

Monkey in Mangrove Tree

You don’t get to do this every day!

Monkey On My ShoulderMonkey Mangrove Boat TourOther unique creatures that we saw on the tour. This next one was apparently extremely poisonous, but luckily, they don’t typically bite. More often than not, they wrap around your neck and strangle you. One piece of advice if you ever have a snake wrapped around your neck: you’re supposed to grab the head and the neck of the snake and break their spine. Apparently they just fall to the ground then and you will be saved. I don’t really want to have to try this.

Snake Mangrove Boat TourMangrove Boat Tour FriendsMangrove Boat TourAnd this was the end of my wonderful trip to Costa Rica. After this, I caught a bus back to San Jose and flew home the next day. Everything about Costa Rica was amazing, from the landscapes to the food to the people and the culture. I can’t wait to go back someday! PURA VIDA!!!

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