Costa Rica

Exploring Manuel Antonio National Park

One of the things I made sure to do while in Manuel Antonio was to visit Manuel Antonio National Park. I’m glad we decided to pay for a tour guide because we wouldn’t have seen most of the wildlife we saw without one.

Iguana in Manuel Antonio National Park

Jesus Christ Lizard in Manuel Antonio National ParkThis one above was called a Jesus Christ Lizard because they have the ability to run on water.

Bats in Manuel Antonio National ParkBats

Coconuts in Manuel Antonio National ParkApparently, one of the most dangerous things in Costa Rica are coconuts. Our guide told us that more people die every year from getting hit on the head by a falling coconut than from shark bites. So always look up above you. The good thing though is that you can just hack off the top, poke a straw in, and have fresh coconut water!

Sloth in Manuel Antonio National ParkSloths are interesting creatures. They are one of the happiest animals out there, and it’s probably because they sleep for 20 hours a day. We happened to catch this one during the short period where he was awake.

Angry Turtle in Manuel Antonio National ParkAnd this is what happens when your guide picks up a turtle by the shell and it starts to hiss at you.

Tiger-Face Spider in Manuel Antonio National ParkA tiger-face spider. I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the trip!

Sloth Awake in Manuel Antonio National ParkAnother picture of the sloth, this time up and looking for its next meal before it goes to sleep for the rest of the day.

Spider in Manuel Antonio National ParkGoing to Manuel Antonio National Park was definitely worth the price of admission and the guide. I don’t where I could have seen a lot of this wildlife otherwise.

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