When most people think of Belgium, they think of Brussels and that’s about it. The next day I took the train back to Brussels for the afternoon. It’s about a 45-minute ride and this journey was free with my railpass. I’m glad I’m getting some benefit out of it for all the money I paid for it. After exploring Brussels for a couple hours there were a few cool things to see, but overall I didn’t like it near as much as Bruges. Also, since it was cheaper to stay in Bruges, I went back there that evening. Here  are a few pictures from my afternoon in Brussels though.




After exploring I finished off the afternoon with what else? A WAFFLE!! I didn’t think there would any coming close to the one I had the previous day but this one was up there, too.


Before I left Brussels I checked at the train station to see if I needed to make a seat reservation in order to go Paris the next day, only to find out that all the trains were booked until 9:00 at night  As it turns out, there aren’t many seats reserved for Eurail pass holders on the high-speed trains like that one. So now I had another day to kill in Bruges.

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