Other Pics from Berlin

I wandered around Berlin a lot like I do in most cities, so here’s some pictures that don’t really go under any other heading.

This first guy was outside a little cafe I went to one day.


Next, I was pretty surprised how many random beaches Berlin has,  most not even on water. For not having any kind of coast, there sure is a lot of sand throughout the city.



I found these people kind of amusing as well.


I also happened to run into Prince Charles one day while wandering around aimlessly.  There was a huge crowd around so I walked up and didn’t know what was going on until I saw him walk out of the what was apparently the British Embassy, so that was kind of exciting.

I stopped by an small art gallery one day down the street from my hostel and here’s one of the paintings I thought was really cool.


Sorry I know this post is random, but I said that at the beginning. Enjoy!!

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