Views from Atop the TV Tower

The tallest point in Berlin is the TV Tower. Me and a friend of mine paid to go to the top to take some photos. Once near the top, there is a restaurant that is a level higher which would equal better pictures. I asked the woman working the line how long the wait was. She told me we needed at least a 2-hour reservation, and this was at about 4:00pm. I asked her if we could just go up for a drink and not eat, and she told me an hour for that. After I kept pestering her about it she finally let us up right away. When we got up to the restaurant and sat down at our table, we realized after a few minutes that we were moving. The restaurant rotated like some of the ones in Vegas. Apparently, it does a full rotation every 20 minutes. As me and my friend were sitting there, we were joking about how it would be funny if we were to stay long enough to see the sunset, but we didn’t actually think we would do it. Funny enough, after chilling and talking over a couple beers, we began to see the sun go down. First here’s some pics of Berlin from high atop the tower.



Now for the better part: the sunset!




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