Vittorio Veneto (Serravalle)

The next morning, I caught a train up to Mestre from Venice and met up with my friend Michela, who had done an exchange program at my university a couple summers ago. When Michela first picked me up from the train station, she took me on a tour of Treviso and showed me around her university.

After that, we drove down to Vittorio Veneto to try and find a good place to get dinner. We checked out a few places, but they happened to be a closed on Mondays. We finally found a small brewery and got pizzas and one of the homebrews.


Here’s a few pictures from the area.






Since it happened to be Michela’s birthday that day, we headed back to her house after we ate because her family was coming over to celebrate. It was another case where I would talk to her family and Michela would have to translate back and forth. They lived right next to a pretty big vineyard as well so her dad brought out a really good bottle of wine for the evening. It was a fun night.

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