My Half-Day in Madrid

Since I had spent some time in Madrid last summer, I only spent one night here as kind of a stopover on my way to Sevilla. At the hostel I stayed at, I happened to meet a whole group of people that were from U-M. A couple of them were teaching English in Madrid and the rest were just visiting.

Madrid is an awesome city and there’s a lot to do, but it really doesn’t feel “Spanish” like most of the other cities I visited in Spain. It feels more just like a big city. There was only one thing I really wanted to do in Madrid on this trip, which was to see the Sofia Reina modern art museum. I went to the Prado last time I was here, but I enjoyed the Sofia Reina a lot more, mostly because I prefer modern art to classical art in most cases. I wish I could have taken pictures inside the museum, but seeing as how I was kind of pressed for time and they were pretty strict on security, I couldn’t really do that.

When I was getting ready to leave Madrid I arrived at the train station about 10 minutes late to catch the train I intended, so I had a little time to kill in the station. That’s why I love the railpass, because you just show up and catch the next train whenever it happens to be. One thing that was pretty weird in the train station is that there’s a rain forest in there. It’s crazy, but there’s an actual rain forest INSIDE the station. Here’s a picture of it.


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