More Fun in London

I hope I’m not rambling in these posts, but I am bored out of my mind on this bus and have absolutely nothing else to do but entertain you with my random travel stories, so bear with me.


Yesterday was more of the same. I started the day by wandering around in the City of London, which is the name for the financial district. This is where the Bank of England is located and a few other bank headquarters. One of coolest buildings is the Lloyd’s Building. Lloyd’s is one of the 3 biggest banks in the U.K.


This was another cool building, although I couldn’t seem to figure out who the building belonged to, unless it was just random offices on each floor.


After a long excursion from here, I walked up the river and ended up at the Tate Modern Museum, the largest modern art museum in the world. It’s also right next to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (which doesn’t open for the season until mid-April). I hopped on the tube from the City to try and get to the museum. About 45 minutes later I finally arrived, only to find out that it would have only been about a 5-minute walk across the river. Oh well, what can you do.


The museum was really cool, but it’s amazing what people can call modern art. You could pretty much do anything and somehow it could end up in a museum. Although they didn’t allow pictures, I was able to snap a few so here’s what I got.




When I finished at the museum, I walked across the bridge to see St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Then I journeyed across town to a store called Harrods. I had never heard of it before until a guy I met told me about it. Apparently it’s the oldest store in the world, but I’ll have to double check that. It’s really cool inside though, as it has an Egyptian feel to it. Too bad the only thing I could afford there were pictures, so here’s a couple. It was like a Nordstrom or Saks, but more upscale.They also had a really nice memorial to Princess Diana and some other guy in the basement, but I wasn’t sure who the other guy was.





This concluded my day and I headed back to the hostel to pack up my stuff in order to catch my 9am bus this morning. Next stop: Edinburgh!!

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