How To Spend A Rainy Day In London (Decadent Desserts Edition)

Wondering how to spend a rainy day in London? In a city where rain is a pretty common theme, it can sometimes be difficult to find things to do other than sitting at your hostel or hotel. Something I found quite interesting was walking around Harrods, an upscale department store in the Kensington area of London. Aside from the Egyptian-themed designs, Harrod’s also has an amazing food and wine section. Specifically, be sure to explore the chocolate, confectionary, and sweets area. The decadent display of chocolates, truffles, macaroons, and other delicacies will leave your mouth watering and your wallet a bit lighter. Here are some ideas to help you prepare for sugar overload!

Some of my favorites: the macaroons.

A whole lot of Macaroons

Doing the truffle shuffle!
A wall of chocolates!

Don’t forget the fudge!

Who doesn’t love great fudge?!?
The most beautiful candies in all the land
Some very patriotic chocolates

After all of my hard work photographing these decadent desserts, and because it would almost be a crime to leave here empty-handed, I sampled a few of the macaroons. The ones I tried were salted caramel, coconut & passion fruit, and chocolate. All 3 were incredible! Unfortunately, they got a bit crushed in my bag before I was able to take photos of them, but they were amazing nonetheless.

So if you are looking for something to entertain yourself with on a rainy day in London, make sure to check out the chocolate, confectionary, and sweets area at Harrods. You won’t regret it!

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