Galway (pronouced Gulway)

Since I’m on a bus to Dublin I guess this is a good time to catch on my posts since I haven’t written in a couple days. I’ve been pretty busy between day tours and hanging out with people at my hostel. I got to Galway last Sunday night. The hostel I stayed at the first night I didn’t like at all. It was an older crowd and they weren’t the friendliest bunch. I woke up on Monday and switched hostels, even though I lost €12 doing it. It was a great decision though because I met a lot of cool people at the new hostel I went to. Monday I just walked around Galway and explored. It’s a very small city and basically consists of a university, a bunch of pubs, and these 2 guys.


Looking out over Galway Bay was nice though. One strange thing about Galway is that all the stores and shops close at 6pm. I finally managed to find a grocery store open until 7pm so that I could buy some stuff to make dinner. Tuesday I took a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher, which I’ll write a separate post for. That night I went to a pub with a bunch of girls from my hostel to watch the Liverpool-Real Madrid match. The best part about this, besides walking into a pub with 8 girls, most of which spoke French, was the Guinness. I don’t like Guinness back home, but here it is awesome! We met a couple Irish blokes at the pub. After I told him I was American he continued to talk crap about how Americans can’t drink. So in order to defend my country I challenged to a chugging contest with a pint of Guinness. I beat him the first time and he was pissed so he bought me another pint and wanted a rematch. The 2nd time I beat him by even more time than the first time. He congratulated me and for the rest of the night kept telling me that there was no way I could be American. Now I can officially say I outdrank and Irishman! It was a good time and Liverpool spanked Real Madrid 4-0. One other thing I’ve learned is that you don’t ever call football soccer here because people will laugh at you. If you call it football then at least you have a shot at sounding like you know what you’re talking about. Yesterday, I took a ferry to the Aran Islands. After I got back I was dead tired from riding a bike around the island all day. Later that night, my French friends talked me into watching the movie P.S. I Love You with them, which I have to say is the gayest chick flick I’ve ever seen. The only thing that saved it a little bit was that half of it was set in Ireland and we could pick out a couple of the places. Now I’m on my way to Dublin for the 5-day St. Patrick’s Day Festival. I still don’t have a place to stay for the night of St. Patrick’s Day, so I guess I’ll just stay up all night (which I doubt will be that hard in Dublin) then catch my plane to London the next morning.

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  • Hey Nick, it’s fun watching & reading where you have been lately. We do miss you. Just got back from Florida where it was 80 beautiful degrees there. It is starting to get warm in MI. about 45 degrees today going up to 52 on St. Patty’s Day. Make sure to have a drink on us to toast your Uncle Eddie’s birthday. I know we will be making the best of that day too. Dont get too wasted and please be careful. We love you and love the postings!
    Aunt Wendy

  • I loved this post!! When I was in Wales and I had a Guinness in the country at a local pub, it was so amazing. The stuff in a can over here just doesn’t compare to what they have in the UK!!! Such a refresing taste over there!! That’s so cool you saw PS I love you while in Ireland- awesome!!!


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