Getting Lost in Alfama

The Alfama neighborhood of Lisbon is the oldest district in the city. With its windy streets and historical architecture, it didn’t make wandering around for hours too difficult of a task. Unlike much of the rest of Lisbon, most of Alfama survived the great earthquake that devastated the city in the mid-18th century. Make sure to wear good shoes, though, because Alfama is just as hilly, if not more-so, than the rest of Lisbon.

Alfama Neighborhood of Lisbon

A good starting point to explore Alfama would be to catch the famous Tram 28. The tram does a loop through Alfama and can give some reference points of where to come back to. Keep your hands in your pockets during the ride, though, as this tram is known for pickpocketing. I would recommend walking along the tram route also as you’ll come to some spectacular view points.

Tram 28 Lisbon

Architecture in Alfama

These next blue paintings are traditional Portuguese and are found throughout the country.

One of the biggest attractions in Alfama is the medieval Castle of São Jorge.

castle of São Jorge

Alfama is a great area to spend a few hours wandering the streets and getting a bit lost. No worries if you lose your bearings a bit. To get back to the city center, just go down hill in any direction because most of the city is elevated from the center.

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