Day 2: Isle of Skye

Here we go, time to catch up. I need to take a night off from going out anyway.

On day 2 of our Scottish Highlands tour, we toured around the actual Isle of Skye, visiting the 2 out of the 5 peninsulas. We began the morning exploring Duir Nish, the western peninsula of the Isle. First we drove past McCloud’s tables, called this because they’re flat on top (creative isn’t it).


Next we went out to the western most point of the island called Neist Point. This is right on the Atlantic Ocean. BBC called for the weather to be a bit breezy, but we found out otherwise. Apparently in Scotland a bit breezy can mean tornado-like winds and rain. Good to know going forward. Even though it was crazy out, we decided to take our chances climbing up the mountain.



As you can tell in this picture, I was a tad bit chilly because I wasn’t expecting arctic conditions. It was tough getting up there, but I’m glad we did because the views were incredible. Here’s some pictures. This first one reminded of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.






Next on the agenda was Dun Vegan Castle, where it was still pouring rain.


This was Kilt Rock and was the last stop on for the day before heading back to the tiny village of Portree where we were staying. Our whole group went for some official Scottish fish and chips down on the pier. I can’t say I was all that impressed because it was good but the most plain thing I’ve ever eaten.


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