Day 3: Back Through the Highlands

On the 3rd and final day of our tour, we went from Portree through the Highlands again and eventually down to Edinburgh. Our first stop coming off the Isle was to stop at Eilean Donan Castle again, but this time we actually stopped and took the tour of the castle. As I mentioned before, this castle was featured in Highlander, The World is Not Enough, and Made of Honor.



Once we got inside the castle to do our tour, there were strictly no pictures and our tour guide was pretty anal about it. I solved this problem by running to the next room before everyone else and getting most of the pictures I wanted. Problem solved! Here’s a couple of the better ones I was able to get.


The people cooking dinner in the kitchen were kind of funny too.




We stopped in Fort Augustus for lunch, which is at the base of Loch Ness. I think I may have seen the monster!!


This was actually Loch Ness. If you look really hard you might be able to see Nessie (the monster). I couldn’t see him and I was there, but there’s always a chance.


Dave and I were joking about an Asian girl who was doing the funny peace sign for a picture and some of the things “typical tourists” do, so we decided to try this ourselves.



We finally returned to Edinburgh that night, said goodbye to our group and guide, and that was the end of our Highland Adventure. Surprisingly we didn’t lose anyone along the way.


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