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Updated 6/17/15

Are you looking for something to listen to while sitting in an airport for hours on end, on a long-haul flight, taking a cross-country train journey, or simply just commuting across town? I’m a big fan of podcasts and currently have almost 50 that I subscribe to. Although I don’t always have time to listen to all of them, there are some I never miss an episode of. For listening to the podcasts on iPhone, check out the Downcast app. It’s my favorite after trying a few different ones out.

Here is a list of some of my favorite travel podcasts that may give you some new tips and inspiration:

Tropical MBA Podcast

This is my #1 favorite podcast. Every week Dan and Ian tell stories and give advice on running a business while traveling. They always have some ridiculous stories as well as actionable advice and travel tips.

Tropical MBA Podcast






Abroaders Podcast

This is a podcast I just recently found, but it’s great. They talk a lot about travel hacking, getting cheap flights, and tips for living abroad in different countries.

Abroaders Podcast






Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast

In this podcast, Travis talks all things travel hacking and frequent flyer points. He also hosts a lot of interesting guests, including people like Chris Guillebeau, Lee Abbamonte, and Colin Wright.

Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast






Zero to Travel Podcast

This podcast talks about a variety of topics to do with travel, including finding cheap accommodation (house sitting, etc.), different jobs you can pick up on the road, volunteering, staying healthy while traveling, and other useful tidbits.

Zero to Travel Podcast






Other Podcasts (more related to online business / marketing / social media)

The $100 MBA Show


The Daily Travel Show


The Fizzle Show

Good Life Project

Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs Podcast

The James Altucher Show

The Lede from Copyblogger


The New Business Podcast

The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency

The School of Greatness

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Startup Podcast

Startups for the Rest of Us

This Week in Startups

The Tim Ferriss Show

Unmistakeable Creative

Zen Dude Fitness

Do you know of any other good travel podcasts? Let me know in the comments below. I’m always looking for new ones to check out.

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