The Fudgie Mudgie

After seeing the new Rembrandt exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts today, a friend and I went and had lunch at one of my favorite sandwich places in the area: Mudgie’s! I love going to Mudgie’s because everything I’ve ever had there has been amazing. Today was no exception. The first course was a chicken alfredo and broccoli soup. This was followed by a sandwich that had corned beef, swiss cheese, and a scoop of potato salad on top! This came with a sweet wasabi mustard on the side. I have to figure out where they got this!

And next…

For dessert, we decided to split a fudgie mudgie after the waitress talked us into it. I never thought to put brownie batter in a waffle iron, but luckily Mudgie’s had us covered. On top of the brownie waffle is Sander’s hot fudge, then candy cane ice cream and whip cream! It was soooo good! And it didn’t last long…

Nick Huggins
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