The Museum of the Weird in Austin

Museum of the Weird Entrance

A three-eyed two-faced cow? An elephant man? An ice man?

These are some of the star attractions at the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas. The city’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” and there’s no better place to experience that than at this museum. It’s also fun to play tourist in your own town once in a while.

The Elephant Man at the Museum of the Weird

First up was the ‘Elephant Man’. Born with some severe deformities, Joseph Carey Merrick was exhibited as a human curiosity (a.k.a. a freak) at shows and carnivals around England. Doctors and scientists could never really explain the cause of Merrick’s condition and he passed away at the young age of 27.

Three-Eyed Two-Faced Cow at the Museum of the Weird

The next interesting item was this three-eyed two-faced cow, supposedly born alive, and lived for a full 2 weeks on a farm in Pennsylvania. It’s pretty strange, as you can probably tell.

Two-Headed Chicken at the Museum of the Weird

Next is a two-headed chicken. What do you think, is it real?

Here are a few other weird things from the museum, including a zombie and a skeleton pirate.

Zombie Man at the Museum of the Weird


Skeleton Pirate at the Museum of the Weird

Lastly, there was a sword swallower who put on a show for us. If it wasn’t impressive enough that he swallowed what was probably an 18-inch sword, he also started juggling while it was down his throat. I don’t really understand the physics of the whole thing, but it’s fun to watch.

Sword Swallower Juggling at the Museum of the Weird

Whether or not this is all real (you be the judge), the Museum of the Weird in Austin is an entertaining way to spend an hour of your afternoon.

Have you been to anything similarly weird or strange? Let’s hear some good stories in the comments below.

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