Exploring Holland Heineken House

During the London Olympics, several countries had set up their own Olympic Houses. These consisted mainly of people from that country congregating to party and cheer on their national teams, but were open to the public as well. One of my favorites that I attended was the Holland Heineken House.

Holland Heineken House

The Holland Heineken House was set up in Alexandra Palace in North London. It was a fairly strenuous hike up the hill from the Wood Green tube station. We later learned there was a free shuttle running to and from the event, but at least we saw some nice views overlooking the city on the way up.

Overlooking London from Alexandra Palace

Once inside, it was a sea of orange, the Dutch national color. I almost felt the need to buy a full-on orange suit while I was there! Everyone was wearing orange blazers, jerseys, shirts, and suits. I’ve never seen anything like it.

A Sea of Orange

There also happened to be a big field hockey match going on while I was there.

Visiting the Holland Heineken House

What better way to watch the Games than from inside a giant Heineken can?

Inside A Heineken Can

Upon leaving, I turned to see Alexandra Palace all lit up in none other than…ORANGE!

Alexandra Palace At Night

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