The Coolest Casinos in Las Vegas

After writing about some travel hacking strategies in Las Vegas, I wanted to share some of my favorite casinos. Although I really didn’t gamble at all except for a couple of bets at the sports book, these are the casinos I found the most interestingly themed and visually appealing. See if you agree.


Paris in Vegas

Having a mini-replica of one of the world’s most famous towers, Paris Casino is one of the most iconic figures on the Las Vegas strip.

Caesar’s Palace

Statue in Caesars Palace

From the French theme we go to an ancient Greek theme at Caesar’s Palace. With all the luxury shops and boutiques, this would have been quite a palace for Caesar!

The Venetian

Venetian Gondolas

How many places do know that offer indoor gondola rides? The only one I’ve ever seen is here at The Venetian Las Vegas.



I love Egyptian architecture, artifacts, and hieroglyphics. The Egyptian exhibit at the British Museum was one of my favorites and I can’t wait to explore Egypt (hopefully) sometime soon.

New York New York

New York New York

Before heading out to Las Vegas, I had been thinking that a trip out to the Big Apple should happen soon. This is about as close as you’re going to get. Including replica skyscrapers, a Statue of Liberty, great hot dogs, and even a roller coaster, the only thing you’ll be missing is the obnoxious New York accents.

What do think are some of the coolest casinos in Las Vegas? Let me know in the comments below.

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