Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

To continue with my wonderful experiences at TBEX, we had a great rodeo themed party the night the official conference started, hosted by Expedia and held at Soda Ridge Stables.


Photo courtesy of my friends Cassie & Kevin at Ever In Transit

The first thing we saw when we walked up was a mechanical bull. It doesn’t really matter where you’re at, but if there is a mechanical bull you have an obligation to ride it. Here’s a video of me attempting to conquer the bull! I didn’t quite make the finals, but I think 20 seconds is a pretty respectable time.

This next photo may have been one of my favorites from the trip (except that I’m the only one missing a cowboy hat).

What else do you do at a rodeo? Well if you’re Jeremy from Budget Travel Adventures, you ask around until you find someone to let you borrow their chaps in order to get the full cowboy effect!

Photo courtesy of my friends Cassie & Kevin at Ever In Transit

All in all, It was a great party. The food was excellent, there were free drinks, and everyone had a good time. Expedia also launched their #ExpediaFindYours Photo Contest on Twitter. The idea is to select a photo, then choose a single word that describes how you feel when you travel to that location. Examples would be #purpose, #wonder, or #perspective. The contest runs through the end of July and you can enter to win some cool vacation prizes.

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