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Travel Often, Create Adventures, & Live Vicariously Through Yourself

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With the new year upon us, one of the things I’ve been thinking about is creating a new tagline for this site. What is Nick’s Travel Bug really about? After much thought, I’ve come up with this:

Travel Often, Create Adventures, & Live Vicariously Through Yourself

I think this sums up my thoughts on living a life that you’ll truly enjoy. Let me break this down into 3 parts.

1) Travel Often – I’ll be honest. I have an addiction to traveling. Most people don’t travel, or want to travel, as much as I do. However, traveling often doesn’t always mean hopping on a plane around the world, or even on a plane at all. It could include weekend trips, road trips, or even visiting new areas of your own city.

2) Create Adventures – My goal, no matter what I’m doing, is to create an adventure out of it. From everyday tasks to cliff jumping in Portugal and hang gliding through the Swiss Alps, there are adventures that can be found or created everywhere. My bucket list has quite a few of these adventures.

3) Live Vicariously Through Yourself – A lot of times my friends and family tell me that they like to live vicariously through me. That’s great and I appreciate that, but why not do these types of things for yourself? All it really takes is occasionally breaking out of your comfort zone by experiencing new places, meeting people who you may not have otherwise met, trying new and exotic foods, and really just getting your adrenaline flowing.

I hope this can offer a bit of inspiration to you for your future endeavors because the greatest thing I can ever hear is that I inspired someone to travel or try something new.


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