Beating The Heat In Boulder

After TBEX, I headed up to somewhere I’d wanted to visit for a long time: Boulder, Colorado. I had heard nothing but great things about the city, how it was like Ann Arbor, how everyone was so active, etc. I spent about a day and a half there, but wish I could have stayed longer. The only bad thing was that the day I was there it was so hot that it was hard to do anything outdoors. My plan was rent a mountain bike and ride some trails since they are at the base of the Flatiron Mountains, but seeing as how it was over 100 degrees I decided that it wasn’t the best idea.

So what do you do when it’s too hot to be active and enjoy the outdoors? You find the best places to eat, of course. I feel like that’s really all I did while I was in town. The first night I went to sub shop on campus called Half Fast Subs. They had a huge selection of interesting sandwiches on their menu. I got a Thai chicken sandwich that consisted of chicken breast, oriental noodles, Thai peanut sauce, carrots, sprouts, and romaine. It was up there on my list of best sandwiches. To top it off, they had $5 margarita pitchers that night as well! As a budget traveler, there’s nothing I like better than good, cheap food and drinks with great new friends!

The next morning, I received a recommendation to go to Dot’s Diner for breakfast. It was delicious and conveniently located right around the corner from my hostel. I ordered an egg scramble with avocado, green pepper, and cheese. Served with hash browns, a biscuit, and fresh organic coffee, it was a great way to start the day.

 After practically rolling myself out of breakfast, I decided I should walk around a bit before I had to catch a bus to the airport. UC-Boulder’s campus is beautiful and worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Hopefully next time I’m in Boulder it’ll be a bit cooler so I can go out and enjoy some time in the mountains.

Nick Huggins
written by: Nick Huggins
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