Excited for World Domination!

I’m excited for World Domination (I’ve always wanted to say that)! It reminds me of Pinky and the Brain. Yesterday, I was able to snag a ticket for World Domination Summit in Portland, OR next July. There are only around 1000 tickets available for this event and they sell out extremely quick. Last year, it only took 13 minutes and this year I’m sure it wasn’t much more. Every review I read from last year said that if you can only attend one event the whole year, this weekend will change you life. Fairly convincing to me.

This event is hosted by the incredible Chris Guillebeau, the man who is close to visiting every country in the world. As of right now, he only has 5 left to go! Some of the featured guests include such remarkable talent as social media guru Chris Brogan, Jonathan Fields, cubicle escapee Pam Slim, one of my favorite travel bloggers Jodi Ettenberg, personal finance expert J.D. Roth, Personal MBA author Josh Kaufman, Cal Newport, and many others.

Between WDS, TBEX Toronto, and some other adventures I have in the works, next summer is shaping up to be pretty exciting!

Are you attending World Domination Summit in 2013? Have you attended before? If so, what did you think?

Nick Huggins
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