Costa Rica

Zip Lining Through The Cloud Forest!

One of the coolest things I did while in Costa Rica was a zip lining excursion in the Monteverde cloud forest. It was a blast! There were 13 different lines, ranging in length and speed, plus the Tarzan Swing and the Superman line at the end. This was before we were about to go.

getting ready to go zip lining

zip lining crew

And here we go!

zip lining costa ricazip lining in costa ricaIt took a little bit of getting used to the first time or two, learning how to control your speed as you’re coming into the other end so you don’t crash into everybody. As you can see, you have to keep one arm behind you on the line to keep yourself straight. Otherwise, you would be spinning around the whole time down the line. Fortunately, they give you special gloves to wear to do this with. The other thing is that the lines are pretty much connected to the tops of two mountains and you are ziplining between the two, with a huge drop in between. It’s beautiful scenery, but definitely not for the faint of heart!

zip lining nickNext up was the Tarzan Swing. In this adventure you hold onto a rope, jump off a platform, and swing around like, you guessed it, Tarzan!

zip lining cloud forestAnd a shot of our group before we did the final Superman line.

zip lining groupThe Superman line was by far the longest line and probably the fastest speed as well. They clip you into to the line then also clip both of your feet so you’re facing down. You get the best view of the scenery this way. This was probably my favorite of all the lines we did.

zip lining supermanAnd that’s zip lining! Definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Costa Rica!

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